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About us

LuminaBlog is a reviews providing website available across the world trusted and looked up at by millions of consumers for a better understanding of products and services since its establishment in 2015 having its origin at Amsterdam.

Our purpose
We at LuminaBlog aim at providing a single platform to search research and develop trust for companies in numerous categories. Ours is an international website aimed at gathering reviews from experienced and trustworthy users of several products and services. Our primary motive is to help consumers select the best companies across a number of categories, making their task of evaluating the brands and services possible at a single space. LuminaBlog stands unique as you can find reviews related to a long list of products and services and about the companies in each of the sectors. The consumers here are independent to present their views and experiences providing honest and unbiased assessments for people looking for some guidance in selecting brands for a certain product or service. We also give space to our readers to have live conversation among themselves and with the companies in order to discuss any queries in their mind.

Our Motive
LuminaBlog has been designed to help worldwide consumers in the whole cycle of their purchase from search to satisfaction assessment. It is a one stop podium to make a sensible, thoughtful and satisfied purchase. Firstly, look for the companies that best provide the product you want. Secondly, select the best one that suits your requirement. Last but not the least; express independently your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the purchase you made in accordance with our reviews. You are hence, completely free to praise a company for its product or service and at the same time we also allow consumers to put across their disappointment or displeasure with regards to the promises made by the company. We provide services across the world to empower customers as well as companies. We also give the companies that we host an opportunity to have a channel of communication between themselves and their customers. They can easily monitor the level of trust that they maintain among their buyers. We enable them to improvise themselves and keep up their brand image by regularly keeping an eye upon their shoppers’ reviews.

Our principle
LuminaBlog looks forward to establishing a transparent market between the companies and the consumers. We try to fulfill this purpose by presenting a platform where the consumers can honestly present their views regarding the products, services, and the companies providing them. Additionally, the companies on the other hand can monitor the level of trust that they hold among their purchasers. This desired transparency can be maintained by a direct communication between the two parties which is made feasible at this place. Companies can directly have communications with their customers. This establishes our two prime tenets behind the site and they are: Honesty and reliability.