Heated floor mat: Types available to choose from

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Purchasing a heated floor mat that meets all of your needs, on the other hand, is a tricky task. The market is overloaded with poor possibilities, and we frequently fall for misleading charms and buy something that turns out to be a complete waste of money. Read the UK shopping reviews and find out which options are best for you and what other people are saying about the floor mats offered by different companies.

Following are the different types available in the market;

Loose cable mats

Thus spool-bound electric floor heated mats are the cheapest and most effective option. The installation takes time as you have to take care of each and every cable by placing it in U patterns and securing it with glue. The placing of cable depends upon the length of wire available. For high temperatures, place the cables together. If you break the cable, the entire system will be useless. Do you want to purchase the best loose cable mat? There are many companies that sell these such as Indamart, Cosytoes, Thermogroup, and Swoon edition.

Mesh mats

The mesh mats have cables already equipped in them which take less time to install than those of loose cables. The mesh is easily stapled or hot glued to the floor. The wire and mesh are then embedded, just like with loose cable. Mats are offered in a wide range of sizes. The cable, however, cannot be cut or spliced. Some companies like Kukoon propose applying a thin-set straight to the mesh and laying the tile all at once. However, this is a challenging task.

Solid mats

Solid mats are costly yet easy to install. It doesn’t require much time and the cables are completely enclosed which means that there are no chances for cables to break easily. The main benefit is that unlike loose cable matting or mesh matting, it does not require embedding.

The floor protection mats come in a variety of sizes, and you can mix and match them to suit the whole floor. Some coverings are designed to fit between floors, allowing you to warm the flooring from below, as seen above—a significant benefit if you don't want to overhaul your current floor. You may also use mats to heat the floor above by stapling them between the joists.

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