About us

As a trustworthy blogging website founded in 2015 in the heart of Amsterdam, LuminaBlog provides consumers with company profiles to grasp an idea of various companies’ cultures and quality before trying their products and services. In addition, LuminaBlog provides consumers with blogs on some juicy topics that keep them captivated. As a result, LuminaBlog became a reliable source for consumers to select the best companies in various purchasing industries. Moreover, LuminaBlog focuses on a host website with information based on UK domains and is distinctive in its purview of the products and services of companies in each segment.

How We Contribute To The Industry

As a global company curating an entire web of company profiles and blogs, LuminaBlog works as an integral part in the means of how modern e-commerce and in-store businesses operate. In addition, we centre ourselves on web exposure while working with multinational companies to ensure they attract customers with the right approach to ultimately increase their sales and overall business growth on a significant scale. Generally, word of mouth is the primary strategy used for a company’s development, and by working with LuminaBlog, these businesses are more accessible through constantly updated company profile posts. Furthermore, we help companies modernise their vision and goals in a way that will be a true asset and which consumers based in the UK will make well-informed decisions to bargain on before they purchase anything. Moreover, when LuminaBlog posts company profiles, they encourage these companies to engage and efficiently benefit from the specific information posted on the LuminaBlog website. Finally, the industry can thrive off of all the web exposure sparked to ultimately increase competition, pushing companies to rank higher in standards and quality and ultimately urging them to prosper immensely.