The Ultimate Snuggie Buyers’ Guide

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The Snuggie was designed and developed in late 2008 by the Allstar Marketing Group. By early 2009, the snuggie brand became a pop culture phenomenon after the direct response commercial where Allstar Products promoted the product for the first time. A fleece blanket is old news, and a sweatshirt is outworn, but combining the two created a significant product praised globally. In addition, the snuggie is a body-lengthed blanket with sleeves most often made of lined nylon or fleece material known commonly as Sherpa to keep you warm while also providing convenience for you to move around and reach for objects without getting cold. For consumers, the snuggie is individual and population-level. As the snuggie stands at the most basic level, it has intrinsic value as it is a decent solution to warmth, and each person has value for the snuggie product on its own.

Furthermore, the Snuggie brand designed two snuggies; the snuggie hoodie and the snuggie blanket. The snuggie blanket hoodie is a one-size-fits-all knee-length blanket sweatshirt that the brand manufactures in different materials, patterns, and styles. On the other hand, the snuggie blanket is the original oversized fleece TV blanket worn as a lounging gown that keeps your hands free and has pockets to keep your hands warm or store your mobile phone. So, you may think the original snuggie is in the innovation, but it is actually in the way they are branded.

Snuggie UK

Various retailers sell the snuggie blanket in the UK, and multiple brands and companies market these snuggies in-store and online. However, one of the best ways to learn about the Snuggie and decide which one would be best for you is to read about them online. A great source is LuminaBlog, where you can read blogs about company profiles which will ultimately lead you to the best online shops where you can find the best snuggie in the UK, which replaces the slanket.

UK In-Store Snuggie Blankets

Snuggie has a division in the UK where they provide particular products to fit the UK product market demand like the original snuggie sleeved blanket, snuggie socks, lamps, sleep mists, and pyjama sets. Accordingly, the Primark Snuggie line provides a wide range of snuggie blanket styles and prints for kids and adults, including the Disney Snuggie designs such as the Stitch snuggie, Winnie the Pooh snuggie, the Sloth snuggie, and the Thumper snuggie. In addition, the Snuggie Tails UK line is a snuggie blanket for kids who will have a wide range of undersea creature designs. Moreover, these snuggie blankets are most often reversible to suit your mood.

UK Snuggie Brands

Depending on which brand you buy your snuggie from, they are relatively affordable. However, with prices ranging between kids and adult sizes, the cost of your snuggie might rise. UK brands came up with fresh ideas to incorporate the snuggie label and design into everyday wear and pet-friendly products. Weekend Offender and Hervia added a modern touch to everyday wear with the snuggie material in their brand’s jacket inner linings. Furthermore, Tails produces Snuggie wearables for dogs of all sizes to make them feel part of your snuggie family.

Snuggie Hoodie UK

With the rise of competing for snuggie hoodie brands, the market spread to and throughout the UK, where snuggie designs and styles suit everyone from kids to adults. In particular, the snuggie designs are broad, with knee-length hoodies to fit a woman's taste and a man’s size preference. These snuggie hoodies are consistently redesigned and marketed in the UK to increase sales and keep the monopolistic market.

Styles and Materials of Snuggie Hoodies

Mens snuggies, women's snuggies, kids' snuggies, and babies' snuggies are all considered with the various style designs made in the UK. These styles include plain and inverted colours, the Harry Potter, Yoda, Mickey Mouse, and the Barbie snuggie hoodie designed for those lazy days when your usual loungewear just doesn’t do it for you. In addition, you can pair your snuggie hoodie with leggings or sweatpants and fuzzy socks. Moreover, the material used for the snuggie hoodies is a soft and warm wool-like fabric known as Sherpa. Although manufacturers can make it from acrylic or cotton, polyester is the most commonly used for snuggie hoodies.

Why Snuggie Hoodies are a Good Choice

You will probably disagree with the idea that you can wear blanket hoodies just about anywhere. However, snuggie hoodies are versatile and allow you to get your work done, chill with friends, or even just take a walk with a warm, comfortable hoodie that does not cause any discomfort or irritation on the skin. Furthermore, considering the UK's constant rain and damp air, a snuggie hoodie can be a staple item to wear daily to keep that cold and damp breeze out while the hood keeps your head warm. Finally, thanks to its non-shrinking material, the snuggie hoodie is easy to clean and can be thrown into your washing machine and tumble dryer fast enough. Want to read more about clothing items like Snuggie? Have a look on LuminaBlog for more entertaining content!

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