Hide from the cold in your Snuggie Hoodie

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In the heart of winter, we are always looking for the most sustainable ways to keep warm. Some are fortunate enough to have a fireplace to keep the entire house warm, whereas others rely on electricity or gas to keep the heat running, which often results in the power bill climbing through the roof during the winter months. However, it is not unusual, but what if you could save some money on your energy bill yet stay warm at all times. Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves, has taken it a step further and designed the snuggie hoodie. So, homebodies, your dreams have finally come true. You can now wear your snuggie blanket and cover your head with it for that extra bit of warmth, and you never have to take it off; you can even wear it to bed.

The Concept

However, the Original Snuggie brand does not produce the Snuggie blanket hoodie. Instead, other producers imitated the concept of similar products to wearable blankets and are being marketed under the name Snuggie Hoodie. Having said that, the name Snuggie has evolved from a brand name to a concept of wearable blankets used by brands who sell the same product. Moreover, they have also named hoodie blankets or blanket hoodies. Snuggie hoodies are the same as the Snuggie blanket, with oversized arms; instead, it has a hoodie to keep your head warm. Snuggie hoodies come in all colours, shapes and sizes depending on the brand you purchase them from. Some are short and suitable to wear while walking about and doing minor tasks such as unpacking the dishwasher. Others are extra long to cover your legs and feet when you are stretched out laying down.

Furthermore, Hoodie Blanket designers innovated wearables with heat pads built into the hoodie for extra heat. Moreover, they have come up with creative concepts that resemble animals, much like onesies, but in the wearable blanket style. These designs could be used as costumes for dress-up occasions, or the whole family can wear them for their Christmas photo. Snuggies can be purchased from the Original Snuggie Stores and some of the best webshops in Britain. In addition, other brands manufacture imitations of the original wearable blanket and can be found under different names, such as snuggie hoodie Primark. Other brands like Weekend Offender and Hervia have also designed their version of the snuggie hoodie that replicates the original concept.

Snuggie Material

The original Snuggie Blanket is made of Sherpa, typically referred to as faux-sheep skin. The fabric is made by sewing together a knitted sheet to the sheep look-alike fur, forming material with two surfaces—one with a smooth shell and one with a fluffy comforting lining to keep the warmth in. However, Snuggie Hoodies are made of different fabrics as different producers make them for various brands. So depending on the brand you select, you could end up with Sherpa, Fleece, Microfibre or some other synthetic fabric. Unfortunately, this is the luck of the draw and depends on the look you are going for.

When can I wear a Snuggie Hoodie?

Snuggie hoodies were initially designed for homebodies who love to wear snuggly lounge clothing to wear during the winter months to stay protected from the cold, such as while you are curled up on the couch at the end of the day to watch your favourite show. Moreover, Snuggie-hoodies are ideal for taking with you on camping trips for that extra layer of warmth if you sleep in a tent. However, you should keep in mind that they are not intended for outdoor use. However, you can wear a Snuggie Hoodie whenever you want. You can wear it at home, and you can wear it to the supermarket. Depending on the model, you could dress it up fashionably. Be aware, though, if you were shopping for a snuggie hoodie to wear outside of the house, you should know that some Snuggie Hoodies simply look like blankets or resemble Pyjamas, so, nonetheless, you should do whatever makes you comfortable.

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