Privacy & Disclaimer

Customers today want to have a complete picture of the brands and companies before they decide to buy or avail something. We at LuminaBlog welcome consumers to avail of a facility much needed in today’s commercial world to better understand the companies they are about to deal with. We are also here for companies, who can visit our website to get regular feedback from their shoppers. We thus provide both companies and consumers with reviews that may help them understand each other completely. It is further our duty to make sure the reviews made available on our website are trustworthy and honest. The authenticity of the reviews and proper management of expression towards each party are our prime objectives and are tried to be respected at all times.


LuminaBlog takes complete care to safeguard the privacy of the review providers. We keep a regular check that the name or identity of any of the writers is never disclosed unless permission has been sought and granted by the writers themselves. The regular innovations and inspections concerning the GDPR and ePrivacy make it even more important to be serious with the safety of personal data and information. Thus, it is beyond our policy to share personal details of the reviewers with any third party at any time. Customers can feel free and completely safe to visit our website and express their views regarding any brand or company. We provide an independent platform to express one’s personal views, experiences and comments irrespective of any fear of identity disclosure.


LuminaBlog is not responsible for any views, reviews or responses being expressed on the website. It is completely the opinions and experiences of the people who visit our portal to provide their feedback about brands and companies. Therefore, we are not responsible for any incorrect or manipulated information provided hereby. We do take measures to authenticate the reviews before being posted but still do not hold any accountability in case of any false information supplied. Nevertheless, we do consider it our duty and keep checking the reviews posted on all the sections, so that wherever and whenever necessary, we can hide or remove any inappropriate language or expression of speech for any of the parties. We aim at maintaining a peaceful environment among the visitors of the portal, strictly discouraging the use of any abusive languages and expressions.


We try to authenticate the reviews being posted to the greatest extent possible. Just to keep the verification procedure completely in place, evidence regarding the reviews to be posted is demanded from customers visiting to provide feedback. Evidence allows us to validate and crosscheck the correctness of the reviews. Especially in case of negative reviews, even more validation procedure is involved to avoid any undue misunderstandings that may follow. Companies may file a complaint regarding negative reviews asking for a proof. More details of the reviewer allow us to investigate into the matter and derive its truthfulness, which in turn can let the review stay online. This may also involve contacting the person who provided the review by any means. Additionally, IP addresses are also tracked to keep a check over any nuisance being carried out. This is prevented by deleting reviews from an IP address that is being used too frequently and unnecessarily. Also, numeroUS-Reviews from the same reviewer without any strong evidence are checked and removed. Apart from the above, any review with an abusive language or instigating comments is too instantly pulled out. In short, we take all measures to keep up the authenticity of our website and prevent any inappropriate activities to be carried out in any of the sections.

All Rights Reserved

We allow companies to have their personal business pages on our portal but this does not give them the right to perform any actions on the contents, except for having communication with their shoppers as and if required. They are not liable to hide or remove any comments or reviews which are or are not in favour of their company. We reserve the complete rights to do so. It is our responsibility to keep a watch on such matters. Whenever there is a negative review, both the parties involved, namely the company and the person who provided the negative review, are given a chance to discuss and solve the issue. On getting an assertion from both the parties, we watermark the issue to have been resolved and accordingly the score is updated. Reviews cannot be removed without the confirmation from either side or the due process having been followed. We also take efforts to highlight that the company or the brand took full involvement in solving customer’s issues.

Cookies and Google Analytics

Cookies are basically small data files used to identify a computer network. The content or information of a cookie is created by a server whenever a connection is established. This information helps in identifying the users and lets a website understand the preferences of that particular user. Similar to any other website these days, we too make use of cookies in order to keep track and make the visits for our readers more personalized. Cookies help us remember our customers and allow us to make their browsing experience more convenient and smooth. Making use of cookies is obviously done on being allowed by the user and only if the permission is granted. This allows us to remember their preferences so that the users need not waste time in inputting the basic information and preferences every time they visit.

Our website also makes use of Google Analytics which is another step towards understanding and remembering our web surfers. Google Analytics is a renowned digital analytics software developed and made freely available by Google. This software additionally helps us better understand the views and reviews of our web visitors. Google completely follows the privacy shielding policies and takes complete care to protect any personal data. In case Google is required to legally share the information with any third party, we do not have the right to influence but it is their responsibility to keep all the information anonymous. Thus, cookies are almost of no harm to any of our users. We still give you the freedom to get in touch with our team with a request of erasure of all your data and information that may have been stored which will happily be processed.