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    Energy today acts as one of the basic needs in every household. We need energy basically for electricity which at the same time fulfils our water needs. We also need energy in the form of gas for the purpose of cooking. Both, Electricity and gas are something no house can do without in the present day. A large number of companies operate in the energy industry in order to provide electricity and gas energy for residential usage.

    Broadly, these companies can be divided into four classes. The first are the energy generators who actually generate energy including renewable and non-renewable energy. Next come into picture, the national grids. Their job is to carry the energy from one place to another throughout the country. The distribution network operators are next who deal with making the voltage suitable for household purposes. Last but not the least, are the energy providers, who mainly do the billings for the energy being consumed.

    Each one of the above is a very wide area of supply and each sector involves a number of companies. But, the one that affects the users most is the energy provider. Opinion for selecting an energy provider for oneself can be based on the basis of three points. Firstly, pricing which varies among the different providers. Secondly, the energy sourcing which gives you the opportunity to choose between green energy and nuclear or coal power energy. Lastly, the customer service as it determines the level of satisfaction among the customers