Is the Snuggie Blanket worth your money?

  • Date posted3 years ago
  • ByBy Mo

Staying warm during the winter months doesn't have to be so complicated. It could also be fun finding ways to keep your body warm and looking cute at the same time. For example, some people decide to take hot soaks in the bath to warm their bones up; however, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a bath in their house. Hence they will have to settle for hot showers, which is just not the same. So instead, they opt for warm and comfortable clothes to keep the cold out. But what about those frigid nights when you just can't seem to stay warm without laying under the covers.

However, there is always that window between getting out from under your fleece blanket, walking to the kitchen, and preparing yourself a hot beverage. During that moment, you bite through it and focus on getting back under the blanket as soon as possible. But why do that when you can just wear your blanket? Wear your blanket, you wonder? Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves keeps you warm, sitting down, standing up, and walking around. The Snuggie Blanket has wide sleeves and a Kangaroo Pocket to keep your hands warm.

In addition to the snuggie blanket, you can now purchase a snuggie hoodie which is precisely what you think it is; a snuggie blanket with a hoodie to keep your head warm. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from long to short, from animals to different types of fruit or vehicles.

When can Snuggie come in handy?

Snuggies can come in handy in literally any situation that you feel cold. You can wear a snuggie all day long in the house. If you are that shameless person who cares more about staying warm than making a fashion statement, then you could wear it outside. In addition, Snuggie comes in handy on camping trips for those chilly evenings when you decide to sit outside by the fire instead of hiding out in your tent. Or any other trip for that matter, you always need to pack something warm anyway. Why not opt for your trusty old Snuggie Blanket to keep you warm in any situation you find yourself in. You can buy the Snuggie blanket from several online shopping sites, including MLB shop Europe and Cuyana.

What is Snuggie made of?

The original Snuggie is made of Sherpa. But what is Sherpa? Sherpa is named after the people of Nepal. It is a fabric that resembles wool-lined clothing worn by the Nepalese tribe. Sherpa is usually made of cotton or synthetic materials like Polyester, Nylon or Rayon and has two sides. The one side resembles the sheep fur; this side gives you the warm and snuggly feeling, and the other side is a smoothly knit shell made of either cotton or a different synthetic fabric. Sewn together, the two materials make Sherpa. Sherpa is often referred to as faux shearling or faux sheepskin. Although Sherpa is a synthetic version of sheep wool, it keeps you just as warm and snuggly from cold. Hence, Sherpa is an anti-animal cruelty option for animal lovers or advocates protecting animals and any harm done to them.

Furthermore, Sherpa does not only keep you warm in the winter. The soft material is a quick-drying fabric that quickly absorbs water. Thus it can be used as a towel for your baby after bath time. In addition, Sherpa is lightweight as opposed to actual wool or even fleece.

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