The Top 3 Playstation Gaming Chairs in 2022

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Any gamer that spends considerable time on their rig requires a suitable chair that can support them and provide comfort.

Now, you could just pull up any lawn chair, sofa or cardboard box to sit on while you’re gaming but why not opt for a fully functioning gaming chair? After all, it allows you to have good posture and effectively increases the time you spend in front of your PS.

Continuing on that train of thought, we’re presenting our top 3 picks when it comes to a gaming chair for playstation down below so that you better understand the difference between a regular chair and a gaming chair.

And hopefully pick one for yourself from our list. Thus, without dawdling any further, let’s get straight into the list.

The Top 3 Playstation Gaming Chairs Available Today

  • GTRacing GT099 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

GTRacing is our top brand when it comes to reliable and efficient gaming chairs of any kind. And based on the sparkling reviews the GT099 has been receiving its safe to say that we are on point.

The feature that all GTRacing chairs share and one that we absolutely love is that they offer a 2 year extended warranty period.

On top of that, this chair is ergonomically designed to maintain excellent posture and prevent your body from feeling sore.

You can even lay flat on your back as the chair offers a maximum recline angle of 170 degrees and adjustable 4D armrests.

Furthermore, the neck rest and lumbar support pillow are excellent additions and really set the chair apart from its competition.

As evident with this chair, GTRacing pride themselves on creating chairs that fit in any environment. No wonder you can even find them on the list of some of the best shopping websites.

Hence even though this is an excellent playstation 5 gaming chair, it's formal enough to even be used in an office setting.

  • Ficmax Massage Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair

For playstation gamers who want a chair in which they can stay competitive and slay their competition, the Ficmax Massage gaming chair is another fantastic option.

The sole reason it's placed second on the list is because it takes quite a while to break it in as the extra padding can be quite stiff in the beginning.

However, once you break this bad boy in, the extra thick seat cushioning provides enormous back support and allows your back to withstand multiple hours of sitting in one place.

Not only that but it comes with fully adjustable armrests and an adjustable seat height.

In addition the back reclines to a maximum of 180 degrees which coupled with the footrest makes this a chair you can even take a short nap in.

But the feature that makes it one of the best playstation 4 gaming chairs is the lumbar massage feature that makes sure you never have achy or sore muscles.

  • Homall Sofa Gaming Recliner

Our last entry on the list is for those gamers who prefer comfort over competitiveness.

There’s absolutely no shame in being the type of gamer who’s just looking for some relaxation from their day to day duties by gaming on their Playstation.

And for exactly those gamers we present the Homall Sofa gaming recliner. This multi-purpose sofa has a weight capacity of 265 lbs so it's suitable for even some of the larger gamers.

The material used for the exterior is PU leather which makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. Like gaming recliners nowadays it has side pockets to stash your controllers and even some snacks.

All in all if you’re looking for a comfortable gaming chair that also doubles as a respectable piece of furniture that you can show off then this is the chair you should go with.


As avid gamers, it is important for us to invest in the right equipment if we are to be competitive among the hundreds of thousands of gamers across the world.

A supportive and durable gaming chair is a part of that equipment, probably the most important part. Hence we cannot recommend enough that you get a gaming chair that fits your gaming style.

And we hope we’ve provided you with just that with our list of Playstation gaming chairs above. If not then we at least hope that we’ve helped you in making a more informed decision.

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