The Top 3 Massage Gaming Chairs in 2022

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Gaming for extended hours can take a toll on the human body. In fact, most gamers even with these modern gaming chairs suffer from a sore or stiff back that just doesn’t seem to heal.

So, the question becomes, if regular gaming chairs can’t fix this issue then what can?

The answer lies in massage gaming chairs and their ability to put pressure on the sore regions of the back through vibrations, relieving the user from back pain in the process.

Now, not all massage gaming chairs offer the same type of back pain relief. Some are robust massagers that are more aggressive whereas some offer gentle vibrations that soothes your body.

Keeping all of that in mind we’ve come up with the 3 best massage gaming chairs that exist today and all the options vary in terms of their massaging ability. So let’s get straight into it.

The Top 3 Massage Gaming Chairs Available Today

  • Respawn 110 Racing Style Massaging Gaming Chair

Out of all the 50 gaming chairs we researched we decided on the Respawn 110 being our #1 pick and you’ll soon understand why.

First and foremost, the chair contains most of the popular features you’ve come to expect from high quality gaming chairs like the ability to adjust the seat height, the armrests and recline angle of the back.

It also has a tilt-lock system that allows you to lock the chair in whichever recline angle you wish ranging from 90 to 155 degrees.

However, its key feature is its USB powered massager that focuses on your lumbar section directly which is where most of the back pain exists.

All in all, if you’re looking for a gaming chair with footrest and massage, you can’t do much better than this. That’s also the reason you’ll find this chair at the top of the list of most online shopping stores that sell chairs.

  • Homall Massage Gaming Chair

Before we began our list we informed you that this would be a list of the gaming chairs that can offer the best massage capabilities and we’ve delivered on that with this Homall massage chair.

This recliner style chair has multiple massage modes along with a remote to allow the user to choose the one they want.

The remote allows you to change the intensity and time of your massage in addition to the modes.

Furthermore, the gaming massage chair provides a maximum recline of 180 degrees accompanied by a footrest. It can even be used to lay back flat and let the chair do its work on your back which also makes it an excellent playstation gaming chair.

Additional features include sidepockets to stash your controllers and snacks and a plush overstuffed design to offer maximum comfort.

  • Nokaxus Large Size Massage Gaming Chair

To end the list on a high note, we’ve decided to include a chair with a high weight capacity for our more plus sized gamers.

However, its weight capacity of max 360 lbs wasn’t the only reason, its 180 degree back recline, adjustable height and armrests has a lot to do with it as well.

Although all of these features are amazing, the feature that caught our eye was the heated USB powered back massager which effectively makes it a heated massage gaming chair.

Moreover, it has a high back racing style design to help you maintain good posture and avoid soreness in the first place.

Plus, it also has a retractable footrest which you can use to kick back and relax when you’re not gaming.

Final Thoughts

There have been plenty of innovative gaming chairs built over the years but the best invention by far was massage gaming chairs.

The ability to heal and reduce aches in your back through the use of heat and vibration truly is genius and a welcome addition to this new advanced world.

Hence why in appreciation of this technology we’ve listed down the massage gaming chairs we think are the best and we hope you agree.

Even if you don’t though, we hope you at least learned about massage chairs and can now make more informed decisions.

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