What To Wear On A First Date

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OK, so you’ve been on your dating app of choice, and you’ve scored a date. Congratulations.

First dates can be stressful events, what with having to make a great first impression, and worrying about what your date is going to think about you. And what they’re going to think about what you're wearing…

First date attire is something important to get right, because first impressions do actually matter. Here’s how to dress to impress without going over the top.

Guys Take It Easy

For guys, the it’s going to one of two ways. Usually you’re either super confident about your attire, or completely at a loss as to what to wear.

Very often, if a man wants to make an impression and indicate that he put time and effort into his appearance and presence, then a suit, of some sort is an excellent choice.

Not so much for a first date though.

Tone it down a little bit. You want to look formal, but not too formal. And not casual at all, or you’ll look like you just don’t care.

Girls, Don’t Over Complicate

It’s very easy to go over and over your outfit and end up running round in circles. The thing to remember is you mustn’t take it too seriously.

If needs be, you can head to your date in your office wear. If you really don’t know what to put on then you can always resort to you favourite outfit. You’ll feel way more confident if you are wearing something that you feel comfortable in.

​​​​​​​Colours For Men And Women

Colours don’t always work the same for both men and women. We are all affected by colour, and usually in a similar way, but their expression on men and women can differ.

Red for example is the colour of power and passion. Guys, remember this if you want to put over a feeling of strength and confidence. But be careful. Maybe you just want to wear a red accent like a scarf.

Ladies, red is obviously the colour of passion. If you want to own the room with tons of v-va-voom then this is the colour, otherwise, keep it to an accent.

Black is a great choice for women. It’s effective and toned down but can be added to very successfully. Guys, on the other hand should keep clear of black as it can look at bit dull. If you want to go dark, then try a grey.

Pastels are great for men and women. Cool, toned down and often summery, they work well together and give off a fresh vibe.

Guys, a quick note for you. Don’t mix too many colours or patterns. If you are unsure, then stick to plain clothes without patterns and only a few colours.

Try greys and blues. Both mix well with other colours and you can’t really go wrong at all.

​​​​​​​Bring The Outfit Together

Above all, be yourself. Don’t go crazy and be careful, especially guys about mixing colours and patterns.

Remember, if you like what you’re wearing, and it’s a true expression of you, then you are on the eight track. Never try to be or look like someone you’re not. Remember your first impression should be an authentic one.