The Gig Economy

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Experts, consultants and professionals are essential to help your business to run smoother, more efficiently and at more profitable levels. Long gone are the days of waiting for specialists to come to your aid and receiving large bills in your post box for items you don’t even understand. The gig economy is centred around services being offered in a more approachable, flexible and unpackaged format for businesses and individuals to make their lives simpler and easier.

These day-to-day tasks can be outsourced to specialists for a percentage of what you could do it yourself in terms of time and effort. Think of the gig specialists as your virtual assistants able to help you streamline your day.

Gig workers or specialists are independent contractors and temporary workers. Individuals and businesses enter into formal short-term agreements with these on-demand professionals to provide services to the individuals or businesses. The term gig is actually a slang word for a job that lasts for a short amount of time, mostly used by musicians to explain one session. Think of that as the way of hiring a gig worker or offering your skills as a service in the gig economy.

There are apps such as Fiverr allows you to quickly find a specialist to perform a task for you and your business in a professional and affordable manner. While there are many of these platforms including Upwork, Freelancer, WeWork and more, they all operate in the same manner. It empowers freelancers, independent service providers and consultants to offer their skills and services in a structured way and enables individuals and businesses to have those tasks completed quickly and effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a logo for your startup business, or need a pamphlet designed, someone to help with filling out your tax returns, or even need a plumber to help with a messy bathroom sink, there is a service provider available to help you with exactly that one specific function. It helps you to know what the costs involved will be and also that the job will be completed by a professional.

There is no job too big or too small on these gig platforms. If you need something repaired, replaced, rewired or re-installed, you can take the headaches out of trying to fix do that yourself or battling with hundreds of receipts and pieces of paper to capture for your business’ accounting software when there is a service provider available to make your life simpler and more organised.

The gig economy has grown to such an extent that Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and sole proprietors work exclusively in providing services on gig platforms. It allows them to concentrate on their strengths and to offer a highly-specialised and professional service to their clients. It also works the other way: other businesses are able to reach out to gig workers to help them with certain tasks and functions. Advertising your services in this way will lead to a growth in your business revenue. That’s the beauty of the Internet!