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The biggest trend for travellers and tourists in 2020 is the “staycation.” As many countries are still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have asked citizens to stay within their borders if possible. This makes “staycation” so very appealing.

A “staycation” (a portmanteau of the words “stay” and “vacation”) is sees millions of holidaymakers look within their country’s many travel and holiday destinations for relaxation and rest. Whether it be overnight accommodation or resorts, Europeans have many wonderful sights to enjoy in their own countries for which millions of tourists around the world travel and pay handsomely to experience.

Here we have a list of the five most popular destinations in selected European countries:

Colmar, France:

This lovely Alsace city is regarded as the centre of France’s wine-making industry, but it isn’t only that: it offers treats for those who love nature, culture, history, gastronomic pleasures and scenic drives around vineyards.

According to European Best Destinations, it is also the sunniest city in France with around 300 sunny days a year. As Europe heads into winter, it might be nice to escape the gloomy, cloudy weather to take in a few days of sunshine in Colmar, France.

Tbilisi, Georgia:

For Georgians, their capital city of Tbilisi is an ideal staycation destination with its mouth-watering eateries, diverse cultural heritage and architecture. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this city invites tourists to enjoy city walks to explore its history and take in its beautiful sights along the way. There are many fantastic markets around the city and with Christmas fast-approaching they will start decorating the city in its world-famous bright lights and decorations.

Vienna, Austria:

One of the most visited cities in Europe, Vienna is a treasure for travellers to explore and experience. Austrians can enjoy a leisurely staycation in their county’s capital city reknowned for its food, drink and history. Of course, a visit to Vienna wouldn’t be complete without a cruise along the Danube River and a picnic in one of the many amusement parks located around this sophisticated city.

Namur, Belgium:

This Belgian city is fast becoming the country’s trendiest holiday destination as it offers tourists the architectural and historical beauty of Brussels, the glamour of Bruges and the sports-loving outdoor lifestyles of Antwerp.

There is so much to do in Namur that your staycation will be filled with activities. From outdoor sports such as paddling along the Meuse River, hiking the surrounding mountains, to football in the local park, you and your family will enjoy every moment.

Rijeka, Croatia:

This is a city on the top of many world travellers and for Croatians it is a must-see in their own countries. Rijeka is Croatia’s third most populous city and was named as the European Capital of Culture for 2020 as it is steeped in rich history, diverse cultures and nature. It is a fashionable city with delights for those seeking the trendiest bars and restaurants to families looking for fun activities for the whole family, while the backdrop on view is the beauty of Rijeka’s architecture and history. It is unique in the way this city melds history with modernity. A true must-see staycation destination.