Money Saving Home Insulation

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We all do our best to save money on our energy bills.

From switching energy providers and searching for the best deals, to limiting our energy consumption during the year. Some even turn down their thermostat and make do with cooler temperatures in their home.

There is a lot that we can do to limit our expenditure on energy bills, but all of this can be in vain if our houses are not properly insulated.

Insulation works to stop the movement of heat. Thus good insulation can keep a house cool in the summer and also work to keep the heat in during the winter months.

Let’s examine some ways that you can insulate your home and make sure that you are getting the most for the money that you spend on energy.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Much of the heat that you generate in your house is lost through the walls. If your house is a modern house, built in the 1990s, then it most likely has insulation in the walls. If it is a little older, then you may want to check that the walls are properly insulated.

If you find that your house does have cavity walls, then they can be insulated. Cavity wall insulation is injected into walls, and although it can be expensive to install, the savings you make in heating your house can be made back in as little as five years time or less.

​​​​​​​Solid Wall Insulation

If your house is of older construction, often typified by pre 1920s buildings, then cavity wall insulation will not be an option for you.

Houses of this generation were usually built with solid brick walls that don’t lend themselves easily to insulation.

However, it can be done. Solid wall insulation, which is attached directly to the wall can be installed. Costs depend on whether the wall is an internal or external wall, but can result in significant saving and dramatically improve comfort in your home.

Single skinned brick walls can be uncomfortably cold to the touch in winter months, and solid wall insulation will make a big difference.

​​​​​​​Loft Insulation

When we think of insulation in our homes, we usually think of loft insulation.

Even if your home is currently insulated in the loft, then you may still want to consider what your options are.

Modern insulation is far more effective than the older types of glass fibre, and far less irritating to skin, lungs and eyes.

Professional re-installation could make significant savings.

​​​​​​​Other Methods of Insulation And Energy Saving

As well as insulating walls and roofs, it is essential to properly insulate all pipes coming into your home and travelling through your home. Heat losses from exposed pipework can be significant, and at the other extreme, frozen pipework can cause a lot of damage during freezing temperatures.

Windows need to be well fitting and draft free, and double glazing should be considered as a standard. Modern triple glazing is even more effective as a heat barrier.


Without adequate insulation efforts, your money saving on heating bills can be in vain.

Simple, effective insulation techniques should be used in conjunction with techniques such as supplier switching and economising.