Great Reasons Not To Date

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Actually, this should be titled Great Reasons Not To Date… ...Right Now Because You Just Don’t Have To If You Don’t Want To.

...But that title would be way too long.

But you get the idea. There is, and always has been a great pressure on both sexes to be out there, looking for a partner and heading inextricably down a romantic road that leads to marriage and happy ever after.

But we all know that it just isn’t like that, yet we all live with the notion that if we are not with someone, then we are no one.

Ideas like this are damaging for us because they can lead us into a relationship that is not right for us, and that in the long run can cause untold harm.

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while, maybe you haven’t, but here we aim to set your mind at ease.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Long Term

If you make the decision to be single for a while, you and only you get to decide how long that is going to be for.

It doesn’t have to be forever, but essentially the time-scale is set by you and your priorities.

We all need to stop making excuses and be honest. If you want to take some time out and focus on yourself, then that can be ten weeks or a decade – you get to decide.

Live On Your Own Terms

There are times in everyone’s life when making decisions that are yours and only yours is the most important thing.

It is a rare relationship indeed where you and your partner see the world so similarly that you both want exactly the same thing.

Having a unique direction is something that is wonderfully you, and it’s not selfish to want to explore that.

So plough your own furrow, sail your own boat, tread your own path. It’s OK.

​​​​​​​Life Is A journey

You may be looking for love. You may want that perfect relationship, but you are not willing to go through the whole modern dating and partner finding experience to get there.

That’s OK too. Enjoy the journey and think about the destination. Very often in life, it’s when we ‘set and forget’ our intention that we can carry on with a lighter heart. When the opportunity does arise, then it’s a nice surprise.

Sometimes the anticipation is just as much fun.

So if you’re alone and OK with it, then go with the flow and don’t feel pressured.

​​​​​​​You're Confident With Who You Are

In today’s always-on-always-connected lifestyle, it’s unusual to find people who are really confident with who they are.

If you are that person then you may be wondering what it’s like to head into the world and really go it alone.

If that’s you, then now, more than ever is the time when you can really explore that side of yourself. You don’t need to conform to the ideals of friends, family or someone else in your life. You can go out and confidently be who you are and really, really own it.

So what are you waiting for?