Dating trends in 2020

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There seems to be a new dating trend every week. In 2020, with its extremely disrupted social impact from the Covid-19 pandemic there are even more trends in dating to be on the watch for as a single person.

With new dating apps joining the App Store and Play Store every week, meeting singles is easier than ever but it is meeting like-minded and real people that proves tricky in the modern, digital world.

If you’re looking for love, your smartphone is the gateway to meeting your future wife/husband. While social distancing protocols determine many countries around world limit physical interactions among people and groups, meeting single people in traditional ways such as bars, nightclubs and others are a thing of the past for the foreseeable future. Dating apps and websites are safer and allow you to search through a wide array of specific criteria to filter your search to the people you will find most interesting and appealing to make a match.

The most popular dating websites on the Internet and in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store right now are:

  • Tinder: This app offers the greatest number of profiles on their database from around the world
  • Match: This is regarded as the best place to meet long-term partners; it offers a deep list of criteria to help you find the best match
  • Bumble: This app puts women in charge as they are must make the first move if they like someone and they match
  • eHarmony: It appeals to people older than 30; it uses a sophisticated set of tests and quizzes to find matches
  • Plenty of Fish: This app is designed for college-age people looking for unrestricted means of communicating with potential matches; this is as close to walking into a bar in real life and being able to speak to anyone you see
  • OkCupid: It is one of the oldest and most established websites and apps available in the dating realm and helps users to find potential matches through its prompts
  • Zoosk: It is an app designed for fast searches and location-based users
  • Grindr: is an app designed specifically for gay singles
  • Facebook Dating: This is a new platform and is already moving up the list; it is easy to use and all your information is already within the app
  • Hinge: This was created for people who no longer find Tinder’s methods and structure helpful in finding a partner; it is an elegant app
  • There is an entire language that surrounds online dating. Terms such as ghosting, bird boxing, breadcrumbs and others have entered our vocabularies and are here to stay. These are trends now too, and they’re taking the apps by storm.

    The most popular trends are:

  • Ghosting: This happens when the other person suddenly goes silent, ignoring messages, phone calls and blocking you on other social media accounts. Without a reason or notice, you’re left in dark.
  • Breadcrumbs: This is when the other person strings one person along by offering small bits of their feelings for the other person without actually feeling those feelings.
  • Bird boxing: This happens when a person is ignorant to the other person’s faults, shortcomings and incompatibility for a successful, long-term relationship.
  • Talking: This is basically flirting but with more messaging between the people who don’t want to develop the relationship.
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