5 Effective Diets For Weight Loss

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Studies suggest that in 2019, more than 63% of adults in the United Kingdom were considered overweight or obese.

That’s quite an eye opening figure. It’s no surprise then that so many people are looking for ways to lose weight.

Whilst the importance of regular exercise cannot be understated in any regime to lose weight and stay healthy, diet is also a prime concern.

If you need some help then check what else we’ve got for you here, but today we are going to look at five effective diets that can help you lose weight and stay healthy.

The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is part of a family of diets called low carb, high fat. These diets reduce dramatically the amount of carbohydrate in your diet. Often, the amount recommended is 50 grammes or less.

The energy from the carbohydrates is replaced by larger than normal amounts of fats that are considered healthy, such as animal fats, including butter and lard and olive oil.

The ketogenic diet is a very effective weight loss tool if used carefully.

Some critics argue that this diet can increase levels of LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) in some people.

Intermittent Fasting

Often used in conjunction with another eating protocol, intermittent fasting can be a very effective weight loss tool.

Followers of intermittent fasting reduce their eating times to a short ‘window’ in the day, and fast for the rest of the time. These cycles of eating and fasting can vary in length.

Water is, of course, allowed at all times.

So, for instance, you may start off with a wide eating window – allowing yourself to eat for 8 hours in the day. This would be a 16:8 cycle – 16 hours of fasting and eight of eating.

More strict cycles may reduce the eating window to even shorter times.

Studies have shown weight loss to be significant and sustained, and the diet is generally considered safe as long as you do not have any pre existing conditions, such as those that affect your blood sugar.


OMAD stands for One Meal A Day and is often considered a sub-set of the intermittent fasting diet.

IN this diet, participants only eat once in each 24 hour window. Results can be similar if not more effective than intermittent fasting.

Once again, this diet is often combined with other diets such a low card or even the Paleo Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet

It’s no secret that the peoples living in the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea have long been known for their health and longevity.

Obviously, diet has been implicated as having a significant effect on this healthy living, an a lot of research has gone into this conjecture.

The diet promotes eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables along with grains and lots of fresh fish.

Red meat is to be eaten sparingly, and poultry in moderation.

Olive oil is promoted as the fat of choice.

The diet was designed to reduce cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease, although weight loss can be achieved if the diet is followed and grain and fruit consumption is kept to moderate levels.

This diet has downsides over the previous diets in that it can be difficult to reduce total calorie intake.

Vegan Diet

Increasingly popular over the last few years is the vegan diet.

Eschewing all forms of animal products, the vegan diet will see you eating lots of fruit vegetables and grains.

If followed correctly, and you make sure you eat enough salt and healthy fats, the vegan diet can be an effective weight loss diet.


Which diet works for you is a personal matter. Not all diets are suited for everyone, and you may have to work to find the diet for you.