The 4 Best LED Gaming Chairs in 2022

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Over the years gaming chairs have transformed from a simple lawn chair to a high back racing chair to a massage gaming chair and then finally to an LED gaming chair.

Also known as RGB chairs, these chairs are not just ergonomic but they light up in different colors as well using the combination of the three basic colors, red, green and blue.

Some chairs even come with a personalized remote that you can use to change the color on the chair depending on your mood.

Isn’t that just downright cool?

Inspired by how cool they are and their surging popularity, we’ve come up with a list of the 4 best LED gaming chairs to go along with your LED gaming desk.

So, without keeping you waiting let’s move to the first pick.

The Top 4 LED Gaming Chairs

  • Turismo RGB Gaming Chair

Let us present to you our absolute first pick, the Turismo RGB gaming chair. This sleek looking chair has outclassed its competitors when it comes to features and just pure beauty.

We especially like the all black chair coupled with RGB LEDs along the outer edges of the chair.

Apart from its beautiful design, it has plenty of other kickass features which include a full 180 degree back recline with a tilt lock system that allows you to lock the chair in place at any angle you wish.

Moreover, the chair is suitable for a person of any height as the seat height is adjustable along with the armrests.

Furthermore, it provides relief and support to your back with its high back design.

Additionally the seat is padded with the highest quality memory foam and has two premium quality pillows for the neck and back.

All in all, you’ll have great difficulty finding a feature that’s not in this chair. And due to that fact, it is in our opinion the best LED gaming chair around.

  • Asus Rog Chariot

The next chair on the list is a bit different and unique in its own way because at first glance it may look like an average high back racing style gaming chair but it has a few twists of its own.

First and foremost the LED lights on the chair give that minimalistic feel that also looks quite elegant.

Instead of having RGB lights all across the sides, they are strategically placed on the front and back of the headrest.

What’s more is that those lighting zones contain a total of 8 colors. While the front zone uses a mirror to create a nice infinity effect, the back lighting zone is in the form of the ROG logo.

Apart from the lighting it provides most of the popular features found in most gaming chairs including adjustable height, armrests etc.

Another unique feature though are the red straps on the backrest used for hanging gear that weighs up to 4.5 pounds.

  • UOMAX RGB Racing Back Gaming Chair with LED Lights

The UOMAX Gaming chair with LED lights is by far the most aesthetically pleasing chair on this list. Mostly due to the gorgeous LED panels on the front and back of the chair that light up in the color of your choice.

However the reason it's placed so low on the list is because of a number of features that are lacking.

Firstly, the back only reclines to a maximum of 135 degrees which is lower than most high end gaming chairs.

Secondly, the build quality is slightly lower than the more popular gaming chairs mostly due to the thermoplastic frame.

It also only has a 250 pound weight capacity making it less than ideal for plus sized gamers. But its other features more than make up for its shortcomings.

These features include, a durable memory foam padding wrapped in breathable PU leather, fully adjustable seat height and the breathable back mesh that prevents the chair from overheating.

The aspect that would most appeal to you is its budget friendly price that even online shopping reviews back up.

  • XRocker Torque 2.1

Last but not least, we present our all time favorite console gaming chair, the XRocker Torque 2.1.

Not only does this come with mesmerizing RGB lights but also with a built-in sound system consisting of dual speakers and a subwoofer.

For console gamers who don’t need a desk and can sit far away from the system this chair is our preferred option.

We do have to say though that compared to the other entries on this list the RGB lighting is more subtle with just two lighting strips running down the sides of the chair.

However, it also comes with a remote that allows you to switch between multiple colors to make the chair stand out.

Other awesome features include a vibration option that you can sync with in-game events for the full experience. A comfortable memory foam seat with a PU leather covering and separate audio and bass controls on the side to control the volume.

All in all, for all the xbox gamers out there, this is one of the best xbox gaming chairs.

Wrapping Up

Technology really is a marvel and the evidence lies in the development of gaming chairs over the years.

These advancements have now brought us to the invention of these beautiful LED gaming chairs that were once just a dream.

Having said that, not all of them are as perfect as you might imagine. That’s why we did some digging to find the absolute best of the best and we have to admit we weren’t disappointed with the results.

Thus, we hope you find these chairs as appealing as we did and hopefully choose one that fits your style.

If not then we at least hope we were able to provide you with some valuable information about LED gaming chairs.

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