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Desk mats, also known as desk blotters, aren't as ubiquitous in offices or on desktops as they once were, but they're still a good alternative to think about whether you're looking for something practical or stylish. They provide a nicer writing surface than your desk's hard surface and they can protect your desk or cover up any damage it has already sustained. Custom gaming desk mats for your gaming desk can serve as a fantastic non-slip base for your laptop or keyboard, and they can come in sizes large enough to act as a good substitute for a mouse pad.

Read the company profiles before buying anything

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Things to consider while buying a gaming desk mat

It takes some research and personal attention to choose the best gaming desk mat for your gaming desk. There are several variables to consider before adding the perfect desk mat to your cart while shopping on different online shopping sites.


The look and feel of a gaming desk mat, believe it or not, is not one-size-fits-all. Because you don't want your desk mat to slide across your desk or table, texture density should be the first factor you consider when looking for the best gaming desk mat. Smooth plastic surfaces with little friction are typical of hard desk mats. Soft gaming desk mats are often made with a fabric covering that allows for more friction and controlled glide.


While the surface of your gaming desk mat may be brightly colored or sophisticated and shiny, the bottom of your desk mat is equally important. That’s why it is important to check the texture at the bottom of your desk mat to find out if it will stick to your desk or will keep sliding over.


If you've ever noticed yourself gliding off your led gaming desk mat or reaching far and wide to achieve certain goals, it's time to rethink your desk mat size. Extended gaming desk mats can do more than just function as a mouse pad. You can use your extended mat to position your keyboard and other necessary attachments for a more comprehensive gaming experience.

How much does a gaming desk mat cost?

Gaming desk mats differ in prices depending on many factors. Normally you can find a desk mat for as low as 1 dollar to as high as 500 dollars. Common factors that account for varying prices of different gaming desk mats are the quality of mats, brand, size, or the material with which a gaming desk mat is made. Usually, gaming desk mats in the UK are expensive if made of leather instead of plastic.

Extended gaming desk mats- worthy or not?

The use of a desk mat eliminates any concerns about impressions from pen marks ruining the desktop surface. Of course, having a perfectly flat writing surface is an absolute must in any business. Desktop mats enhance your flow of paperwork by offering a non-slip surface for your work, in addition to providing a safe, protective writing surface. Computer mats for desks can also assist to reduce clutter in the office and at your desk, allowing you to be more productive and relaxed during the day.

Right gaming desk for you

Desk mats are meant to fit under your keyboard and mouse, and in certain cases, your displays, depending on the size. You can check companies like Swoon Editions to buy a mat for your gaming desk. The right gaming desk mat for you is ergonomically amazing and the one with a mousable surface that covers the entire usable workspace rather than one with a limited, confined play area.

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