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    Logo Cedar Tree Insurance
    Cedar Tree Insurance

    insurance | Many people pay for house insurance, business insurance, vehicle insurance, and other popular insurance packages, in order to ensure their property...

    Logo Pet Protect
    Pet Protect

    insurance | Although it is nothing new to protect ourselves and even acquire additional protection against risks (via a variety of insurance covers), many peop...

    Logo Simply Business
    Simply Business

    insurance | Businesses come with risk. If one is thinking of beginning a business and fails to understand that there's a high percentage probability that they'...

    Logo Avanti Travel Insurance
    Avanti Travel Insurance

    insurance | Are you a fan of travelling? If yes, then you'd know it comes with its fair share of risks. Travelling whether for recreational or business purpose...

    Logo Click4warranty

    insurance | It is very fundamental to know the various conditions that affect a person as an owner of a vehicle. Motor Insurance is one of those conditions peo...

    Logo Ripe Insurance - Valuables
    Ripe Insurance - Valuables

    insurance | To be honest, there is a bit of stigma attached to insurance. Even in today’s fast and digital world, companies associate insurance with leng...

    Logo Waggel

    insurance | There is a truism that we embrace dogs, cats and other companion animals as full-fledged family members. Most of us scrutinize pet food labels to m...

    Logo AXA Landlord Insurance
    AXA Landlord Insurance

    insurance | Having a Plan B in case of eventualities is always a good idea. Indeed, nobody prays for any negativity in life, business, acquisition or family, b...



    Health insurance or medical insurance covers a part or whole of the risk involved with an individual incurring health or medical expenses. These could be either hospitalization fees, the cost of medicines, or consultation expenses.