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    The customer service is always available, and they are top-notch. The customer service team is available to support customers to ensure that they receive their orders at the right time. Customers' orders are handled with care, and they seek to enhance maximum satisfaction in their customers. The company also takes responsibility for any wrong item delivered. Customers must be aware of a shipping policy, and the 7 days' maximum return policy must be strictly adhered to. Ordering food online has also become more accessible. Customers can visit the restaurant website to place their order, fill in their location, and they will be told the estimated time their food will be delivered. Customers can also order in takeout restaurants, and they can get themselves different cuisine, including Chinese takeout. Yeah, it is online, but customers can still access a variety of goods. The prices are low compared to regular shopping, and there are wide choice options. They assure customers of quality delivered products, convenience, easy accessibility, and maximum satisfaction. However, should there be any mistake, they offer return policies. They offer a secure payment gateway—all of these to enhance customer experience.