The use of courier and shipping services wasn’t started in the 21st century as they actually date back to an earlier period of the 20th century. Telecommunication is regarded as one of the greatest revolutions to happen to mankind because the result has been the Internet, mobile communication and other innovations that have emerged from these technologies. With the aid of telecommunication devices, individuals can communicate with people miles away from them by just a few clicks. The need to also exchange products and ideas becomes a consequent action of such communication and has culminated into the sharing of products. The aid of telecommunication has also aided business looking to sell and scale their products to the global market. Delivery and logistics company are therefore in top demand by these companies in search of ways to get their products to customers and end-users. If you’re in search of delivery and logistics to employ their services, then you’ve got to continue reading. Parcel Hero is one of such delivery and logistics company that specialises in providing parcel-delivery services to over 200+ countries around and across the globe. Considering you’ve tons of questions (about the company) you’re in search of answers to, we suggest you read honest customer reviews of Parcel Hero left here for them to get a full perspective of their services.About Parcel Hero Parcel Hero was started by Roger Sumner-Rivers in 2003. They are based in West London. They claim to be one of UK’s leading parcel-delivery service companies offering courier services from different carriers to customers around and across the globe. They provide parcel delivery services using some of the following carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx & DPD. They claim to be passionate about delivery. Parcel Hero Group is a family of brands including Deliver Plus, Parcel Vision and Alfasent. They also claim their courier services are available to over 220 countries across the length of the globe.Products and services of Parcel Hero Parcel Hero offers the following services such as UK parcel delivery, international delivery, import services, and large & heavy parcels. They also have loss and damage cover to ensure parcel delivery for a higher value. They have packaging guidelines to help users package goods, size & weight to help customers weigh their items, length & girth, and volumetric calculator for measuring the cost of different items based on certain indices. Parcel Hero has a blog which brings to the fore important information about parcel-delivery.