A drink is any liquid that can be consumed. Water is a very good example of a drink and is usually the major component of most drinks. Preparation of drinks involves many steps, depending on the type of drink. There are several types of drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. An alcoholic drink is one that contains ethanol (or alcohol). However, in chemistry, the definition of "alcohol" includes many other compounds. Beer drinking has been a cultural phenomenon for 8,000 years. In many countries, indulging in alcoholic drinks a local bar or beer parlour is a cultural tradition. Non-alcoholic drinks are drinks with little or no alcohol in them. It includes low-alcohol beer, alcohol-free wines and low ABV (alcohol by volume) apple cider. But definitions of what drink is non-alcoholic varies according to countries and local laws. Throughout history, people have always congregated to socialize whilst drinking whether in cafés, coffeehouses, bars, beer parlours, etc. In Ancient  Greece, a symposium was a social forum where people to drink watered-down wine. A similar and frequent event in Ancient Rome was referred to as convivium. In China and Japan, the forum was usually a tea house, where people would gather to socialise over tea. For Chinese scholars, the teahouse was a good platform to share ideas. Many earlier civilizations perceived alcohol as a gift from gods. This led to the creation and worship of gods such as Dionysus as well as the evolution of drinking traditions such as the loving cup which feature in weddings and other celebrations, including sporting success. One company that claims to deal on all sorts of drinks is DrinkSupermarket. About DrinkSupermarket DrinkSupermarket claims to be one such online store to a wide range of drink needs, with thousands of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks for clients to choose from and delivery ranging from a single bottle miniature to a mixed pallet. The company claims to offers “unbeatable convenience, service and value, ensuring clients get drinks without the hassle of heavy shopping or the risk of empty supermarket shelves.” DrinkSupermarket is headquartered in London, UK.Products and services of DrinkSupermarket DrinkSupermarket has segmented its products into whisky, champagne and sparkling wines, wines, spirits, liqueurs, beers and cider, mixers and soft drinks, big and miniature drinks, among others. Under each of these segments are drinks such as  American whisky, fruit and ginger wines, vodka, stout, energy drinks, and several others. Products can only be shipped within mainland UK and some European countries and territories. Clients must express their desire of returning purchased products within 21 days of shipping after which the products become ineligible for a refund.