These days, it seems like everyone has a smartphone, which means that it comes hand-in-hand with a mobile data plan. Depending on the type of phone you have, among other things, your mobile data needs are going to differ. Before you decide on which mobile data plan to use, you should consider the following” if you have access to WiFi at home, and find yourself constantly using it for downloads and surfing the net on your phone, you are probably not going to need as much mobile data as someone with minimal WiFi access. Keep this in mind, as it may prevent you from purchasing a mobile data plan with too much data that you do not need. Just because you may have the latest and greatest smartphone around, does not necessarily mean that you need a massive mobile data package. Base your decision more on the activity which you partake in on your phone and your data usage habits. The reverse also applies, as a small, outdated smartphone doesn’t necessarily require fewer data. How much can you afford to spend? If you want a package that is affordable, consider realistically how much data you will use each month, and if you run out, you can always top up very easily. Smarty is one of the service providers you can consider for your data plans. But do they have a good track record? Are their personnel attendants friendly and dedicated? About Smarty Smarty is a privately held company and an internet service provider that offers a wide range of data plans. The company allege to have begun its operation with the aim of making mobile data plans simple and honest. Smarty boasts of being powered by Three’s strong and reliable 3G network. Smarty alleges to have won various awards which include Uswitch Best Value SIM-Only Winner 2020, Uswitch Best Value PAYG Network 2019 and others. The company have also been featured in Financial Times, Tech Radar, The Huffington Post, and Shortlist.Products and Services of Smarty Smarty offers its customers an extensive range of data plans which include 30GB. Smarty data plans features include 1-month plan, cancel anytime, unrestricted tethering in the UK, no credit check, and more. The company also offers to get money back policy for customers to return their unused data. Smarty also offers their customers with group plans by which every customer can add friends and family, up to a total of 8 SIMs, including the group owner.