OD's Designer Clothing

Fashion trends tend to vary from time to time. Because of this (and other reasons), the need for fashion companies to do extensive market research needs not to be overemphasized. Market research can be defined as a process whereby a firm/organization/individual engages in a systematic study or survey of a particular market or more than one market in order to find out certain characteristics or information about such a market or markets, for example finding out consumer behaviour, tastes, and preferences or the GDP of a particular industry. The two types of market research are primary and secondary market research. In Primary research, data is personally collected in field studies such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc, and also by observation. Here, the researcher has to adopt some scientific statistical measures to ensure the validity and reliability of the research. Secondary research involves the use of data/information generated by other (secondary) sources.  The more authoritative the secondary source, the more valid and reliable the conclusions are bound to be. In the process of researching the market, a PEST analysis can also help capture the various macro-environmental factors that influence fashion trends.  Fashion forecasters can use findings from PEST analysis to try and predict growth or declines any specific fashion trend. In summary, market research can facilitate a deeper understanding of the fashion industry as well as human lifestyles across different societies and cultures all over the world. OD's Designer Clothing is one company that operates in the fashion industry. About OD's Designer Clothing OD's Designer Clothing is a fashion design and clothing company that offers a variety of items for men, women, and kids. The company claims to have a track record of delivering excellent customer service achieved by making sure that all customer needs are satisfactorily taken care of.  OD's Designer Clothing is based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK.Products and services of OD's Designer Clothing Rocking designers clothing just gives you this sense of style and an air of mystery and importance, which is vital in charming those that come around you. OD's Designer Clothing supplies fashion items from a host of designers like Boss, Paul & Shark, Zegna, Jacob Cohen, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Balmain, Chloe, and many others. One may even ask what makes their clothes different from others? But the answer would be obvious as their clothing collection they claim is a carefully curated catalogue from different designers’ brand. These products which are designed for men, women, younger and teenage children include clothing, footwear, and accessories such as coats and jackets, watches and jewellery, and accessories like caps and hats, keyrings, bibs, and more. With their main outlet in the United Kingdom, their Shipping services are available to clients in the UK and all over the world. Purchased items can be returned within 14 days of receiving them provided the purchase receipts are made available and the products are in their original packaging. Their free shipping services are only available for customers in the UK who have ordered over £50.