Insurance policies have been beneficial in mitigating negative events and circumstances that might otherwise have destroyed the financial and economic structure of the lives of individuals and families. There are various of these policies such as Health Policy, Life insurance, Travel Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance and so on. Car Insurance is particularly important for protecting not only the car but the driver/ owner in case of legal consequences and financial and/or medical liability. GAP Insurance is particularly beneficial if you are yet to finish paying up your personal loan, or you are worried about getting the real value of the car back if it gets written off by the vehicle insurance provider. In order words, if you owe more than the depreciated value of the car if it gets totalled or stolen, it is advisable to get GAP insurance. As it is only designed to cover those who owe more than the car is worth, people paying cash or paying considerable portion as down payments might not need to have a Gap Insurance. InsuretheGAP is a company that claims to offer premium GAP insurance services to the public. About InsuretheGAP InsuretheGAP is a vehicle insurance platform that claims to help their customers to save money and protect them from a loss that could occur if their car gets stolen or written off. InsuretheGAP boasts of covering the difference between the market value which motor insurance policy reimburses the customer with, in case of a total loss, and the amount that the customer paid for the vehicle originally. The company operates solely in the United Kingdom, where the legislation of September 2015 prevents motor traders from selling Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance along with vehicle purchase to allow customers the flexibility to obtain the one they deem most cost-effective. They offer independent GAP insurance policies for motorbikes, cars and vans. InsuretheGAP is the trading name of Halo Insurance Limited that is headquartered in London, Great Britain.Products and Services of InsuretheGAP The different insurance coverage offered by InsuretheGAP includes Vehicle GAP Insurance, Combined Total Loss, Return to Invoice, Vehicle Finance, Vehicle Replacement and GAP Insurance by Manufacturer. To claim the Gap Insurance, the policyholder must be the name of the registered keeper/owner of the vehicle. InsuretheGAP offers policies for lengths of between 24 and 60 months, but they do not offer policy renewal services. InsuretheGAp also does not cover leased vehicles, but it does cover excess charges from main insurers.