The importance of online education in recent times cannot be overemphasized. Known for its ability to surpass the distance barrier, and the ability to allow students to work at their own pace, online learning has gotten much popular with the advancements in technology. This means online learning has come a long way from the regular how-to videos, which involves passing rudimentary information to individuals via a recorded video, to a tutor and the students successfully interacting for the length of the class. The high level of information that can be successfully passed from tutor to student has led many universities to adopt it for passing information to their students. Some of the Ivy League Universities even award degree programmes via online learning. And online learning from CloudLearn can also be used to help students prepare for their GCSE exams and their A-Level exams. This online learning platform asserts that their services have been the source of many students acing their GCSE and A-Level exams. Although, we can’t really guarantee that your ward would benefit from CloudLearn.About CloudLearn Founded in 2011, CloudLearn is an e-learning platform that specializes in offering educational materials, and classes for preparing for the GCSE exams for prospective high schoolers, or the A-Level exams for the prospective university students. Self-acclaimed GCSE, and A-Level specialists of the United Kingdom, CloudLearn asserts that their lessons follow the following concepts: Social, Plasticity, Adaptive, Dynamic, and Feedback. CloudLearn asserts its years of teaching for only two areas—GCSE, and A-Level exams have made masters of their area of specialization. This is because they claim to have researched the best available methods for delivering GCSE, and A-Level exam tutoring.Services of CloudLearn Though the teachings of CloudLearn are done on an e-learning platform, this institution believes that their efforts bear as much fruit as those from their physical counterparts. Students on the CloudLearn platform are each assigned a tutor, one that is available 24/7. Aside from this, CloudLearn claims that all the courses supported on its site is being taught by experienced tutors with the necessary qualifications. And CloudLearn brings to bear, one of the advantages held by online learning—which is the ability to have the student work at their own pace. With this, the students can be made to follow a carefully designed schedule which can get them ready for their exams in a much shorter time period. And in the end, students on CloudLearn can sit for their qualification exams like other students, and earn the same qualifications in the end. One advantage that CloudLearn asserts that they possess, is their flexible payment system. Which allows students to get started on the platform with no initial deposits, the ability to pay in instalments with no interest attached, and the ability to try their services for 30 days before you have to make your first payment. With CloudLearn, students are offered the opportunity to pay to study a single course, or multiple courses at once, with the payment plan being modified accordingly. Due to the trust, they have in their abilities, CloudLearn gives their students the opportunity to request for a full refund on their course fees if they by any chance fail their final exams.