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Boiler cover is a policy taken to take care of boiler repairs by a gas safety engineer and in some cases, the replacement of a boiler. It can also cover other aspects of the central heating system and even electrical and plumbing problems. Some boiler cover policies also include boiler annual servicing which means that an engineer will service your boiler annually to ensure it’s in optimal working condition. Apart from boiler repairs/servicing, a boiler cover policy can also accommodate central heating repairs, pests in your home, plumbing and drainage repairs, and electrical wiring. The most costly coverage will include the whole central heating system. Boiler cover is mainly provided by gas and electric energy providers, albeit other companies also provide cover. It can sometimes come as part of home insurance so it is necessary to determine if one is already in place before attempting to take out a cover. If you’re a tenant, it is better to chat with your landlord since it is usually their responsibility. Depending on your provider, boiler cover can be packaged to work in a variety of ways. For example, the engineer may have a specific time limit to carry out your repairs, there can be a stipulated period inside your policy that you are not allowed to make any claim, you may also be limited to a fixed number of claims annually and lastly, your boiler may not be considered for coverage if it is too old or if it does not make economic sense to repair it. As of January 2020, over 22 million homes in the UK used a boiler for their heating and hot water. In summary, boiler cover is certainly a policy you should consider since it can help guarantee your heating and hot water needs as well as providing timely solutions whenever problems arise. One company that offers boiler cover and home care services is 24|7 Home Rescue.About  24|7 Home Rescue 24|7 Home Rescue is a provider of boiler, appliance and home emergency cover for landlords and homeowners. It was established in 2013 and claims that its mission statement is to provide first-class boiler breakdown, appliance, and home emergency cover by delivering customer service through the necessary business practices. The company is headquartered in Burnley, England. Clients and prospects can subscribe to their newsletter to be kept abreast of their assortment of products and services.Products and services of 24|7 Home Rescue 24|7 Home Rescue provides a series of home care products, services, and plans designed mainly for landlords and homeowners in areas such as boilers and heating, appliances, cars, home repairs, and boiler installations. They include landlord cover, gas safety certificates, boiler, and heating cover, annual boiler service, appliance cover, appliance repairs, car breakdown cover, boiler repair, various kinds of smart thermostats, boiler installations, etc.