Beer drinking is a popular pastime all over the world and there are many big brands in the beer industry. These large brewers manufacture large quantities of beer annually. There are also companies that produce smaller quantities of beer. These brewers are referred to as craft brewers or microbrewers. A craft brewery is an independently owned type of brewery that makes much fewer quantities of beer than large breweries. Though they producer less beer each year, craft brewers are no less interested in quality, flavour, and brewing techniques. The origins of craft brewing date back to the emergence of microbrewing in the US and the UK during the 1970s. Though the term "microbrewery" was initially meant to describe the size of breweries, over time, it became an alternative brewing philosophy especially in areas like brewing flexibility, adaptability, experimentation, and customer service. In the 980s, microbrewing was eventually defined as any brewery that produces fewer than 15,000 U.S. beer barrels (1,800,000 litres; 460,000 U.S. gallons) annually. But somehow, microbrewing became less fashionable and metamorphosed into craft brewing. The term craft brewing usually refers to those microbreweries that commenced operations from the 1970s but can also include older brewers operating with similar characteristics as micro or craft brewers. Craft brewing is a time-consuming process that is considered an art by brewmasters. In the UK, the “Assured Independent British Craft Brewer” initiative of the Society of Independent Brewers ensures that craft brewers are small and independent makers of quality beer. In the US the same role is played by the Brewers Association.  One company involved in the craft beer industry is Flavourly Limited.About Flavourly Flavouly is a direct-to-consumer company and e-commerce shop that provides craft beer and other alcoholic drinks to consumers. The company's web-based craft beer discovery subscription service packages and delivers food, snack, and beverages to a client's address for a subscription fee, offering UK consumers access to plenty of craft and alcoholic drinks. It was established in 2012 by Ryan O’Rorke and Mohammod Assean Sheikh. The company claims that its mission “is to get people drinking better beer by making it easier than ever to access great-tasting, fresh craft beer.” Flavourly is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.Products and services of Flavourly Flavourly claims to collaborate with other craft brewers to provide its clients with a wide selection of craft beers, beer, gin, wine, whiskey, and spirits. Apart from a few areas, Flavourly offers shipping services in mainland UK but does not provide international shipping presently though it aims to in the future.