With virtually every service offered via the web nowadays, finding the service that is tailored to meet your needs isn’t much of a hassle again. With the advent of online clinics and pharmacy, seeing a doctor physically isn’t so much necessary. Online clinics have evolved into providing first-hand diagnosis and prescription for a wide range of medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, contraception, STIs and the like. One of such online clinics out there is Health Express. The company claims to focus on providing online health care services through its in-house medical doctors who are registered and certified by the GMC and GPhC. About HealthExpress Health Express is an online doctor and prescription service company based in London. They claim to be one of the first digital healthcare providers in the UK. The company asserts to have been around for more than a decade with their doctors prescribing over 100 different treatments from varying health conditions. They also claim patient safety is their number one priority. Health Express is registered with and authorized by official regulators such as CQC (Care Quality Commission), MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and GMC (General Medical Council). They have their head office located in London, United Kingdom.Products and services of HealthExpress Health Express offers a wide variety of treatment types for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, sildenafil, Cialis, Cialis once a day, spedra, Viagra connect and a list of others. their hair loss treatment plan includes the use of finasteride and propecia, Health Express women health product catalogue include combined pill, mini pill, hair removal, HRT, alternatives to the pill, period delay, morning-after pill, cystitis, and bacteria vaginosis. They provide treatment to the following sexual health conditions, chlamydia, genital warts, genital herpes, non-specific urethritis, mycoplasma genitalium, ureaplasma urealyticum, trichomoniasis, and pre-exposure prophylaxis. Health Express provides medication and doctor’s advice on the following general health condition they include asthma, thrush, acne, athlete’s foot, weight loss, incontinence, mock itch, situational anxiety, migraine, fungal nail infection, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, test kits, stop smoking, diabetes, hay fever, diabetes, influenza, rosacea, and acid reflux. They also provide travel medicine for malaria, motion sickness, jet lag, altitude sickness, and travel health.