EBC Brakes Direct

According to research by a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey released early 2015, brakes were responsible for 10,000 of the vehicle-related critical reasons for car accidents between 2005 and 2007. This was 22% of accidents caused by a vehicle issue. This data shows that brakes contribute to thousands of accidents every year, which could lead to thousands of injuries and deaths as well. The effects of brakes in a vehicle can't be overemphasized. EBC Brakes Direct is one such company that claims to understand the importance and asserts its expertise in the production of quality brakes.About EBC Brakes Direct EBC Brakes Direct is a company that claims to show specialization in the manufacturing and production of excellent brake parts for automobiles. The organization attests that for all the precision and expertise that goes into creating their brakes, they give their products distinctive names that in turn celebrate the quirks of their national character. EBC Brakes Direct contend that they are amongst the leading authorized online reseller of brake parts with fast access to all of the latest products and materials.  They state that they are established with one objective, which is to make it easy and convenient for consumers to buy high-quality products online from one of the world’s leading brake manufacturers with the minimum of fuss. They boast that they're an independent company recommended and endorsed by EBC Brakes that was founded in 2003. EBC Brakes Direct avows that they sell only the very latest EBC materials and can help with any fitment or technical issues 9-5 weekdays with their experienced group of sales staff and technicians. Just like most other companies in their category, EBC Brakes Direct maintains to have a team of dedicated and well-grounded personnel attendants that provide its clients and prospects details of the wide range of products and services the company offers.Products and services of EBC Brakes Direct EBC Brakes Direct is a company that offers the sales of brake parts for automobiles such as automotive, mountain bikes, and motorcycles. Under automotive, they manufacture Balanced Big Brake kits, EBC brakes discs, and pads, EBC brakes lines, EBC brakes pad and line kits, and race calliper pads. In the category of the motorcycle; EBC motorcycle discs and pads, EBC motorcycle clutches, and EBC motorcycle brake lines. The company also claims to offer online payment made via a 128bits secure internet server. EBC Brakes Direct also offers payment by post. The company states that they do not accept telephone orders or callers in person. EBC Brakes Direct offers the use of visas and master cards in the purchase of goods from their company, and for anyone working for the emergency services, NHS, and the armed forces. They also offer a return policy if the product is damaged, they aim to rectify it as soon as they can and return it within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods. EBC Brakes Direct also provides a cancel order option to cancel orders if the product seems to be wrong and also worldwide delivery service within an unknown time frame.