Travelling requires paying attention to details like where to stay (accommodation), how to move around (transport and mobility), what to do (activities like tourism), health and medical information, security information and others. Overall, the preparation for travelling is just as important as the trip itself. And when you get to your location, being able to visit tourist attraction sites or just drive around the city might be some of the activities required to have memorable experiences. Even in countries with qualitative transportation network systems, exploring in-depth might be impossible for a foreigner without mobility. Having your own car offers not only mobility, but the flexibility to have your own activities at your own discretion. Thankfully, technology has reduced the challenge of not knowing where to go through applications and websites that will show the happening places per city, and the directions through car GPS to take the travellers there. Indeed, creating memorable activities during any trip – business or leisure – has never been easier. For the sake of convenience and quality service, it might be needed to compare the prices of car rental services in a city and check the reviews left by their customers before determining which service to settle for. EASYRENTCARS is a platform that claims to catalogue the car rental services in different cities of the world with the look to enhancing the positive travel experiences of their customers. About EASYRENTCARS EASYRENTCARS  is a company that services the travel industry which was established in 2017 with the goal of providing easy travel services to its customers. EASYRENTCARS asserts its services involve helping their customers to get information on car hire services, car hire companies’ prices, locations and services. The company also claims to offer centralized exclusive deals services, EASYRENTCARS Rewards Club to curate for their members. EASYRENTCARS claims to have several award nominations to illustrate its fast growth and reach. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.Products and Services of EASYRENTCARS EASYRENTCARS  operates through its website that is supported on mobile phones by iOS and Android Apps. The EASYRENTCARS  website claims to provide Car Rentals in almost all the countries of the world, cities and airports through the services of suppliers and partners across the world through Travel Affiliate, Business Rental and Membership Affiliate programs. The company requires a valid driving license at car pickups, as well as International Drivers, Permit in some countries. Each car hire company on the EASYRENTCARS platform have their own age requirement mostly starting from 25 years, and in some cases, 21 years.